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Services offered by IRCA

Entrada IRCA en El CotoAt IRCA we offer our customers comprehensive exterior services. Our skilled workforce used specialized machinery to create, install, or reapir customized metal and PVC structures for your home or business.

We also offer other advanced services for our most demanding customers: installation of home automation and security, thermal windows, acoustic and safety glass ...


Our facilities are located within the urban center allowing our fully equipped vehicles to provide agile and dynamic service repair, solving your problems involving metal carpentry and shutters in a short time .


Our facility in the industrial area of Roces is focused on the design and creation of products in both aluminum and pvc .

Our team of specialized technicians manages the entire manufacturing process: from receipt of raw material to final installation on site.

Instalación y Reparación de Carpintería de Aluminio. IRCA Gijón

C\ Benjamin Franklin 216 - P.I. Roces III
33212 Gijón (Asturias)
Telf.: 985 396 398
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