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Taller de IRCA - Reparación e instalación de carpintería de aluminioIRCA specialists in the repair, installation and manufacturing systems metalwork aluminum and PVC(doors, windows, doors and shutters), as well as installation of all types of engine systems. Highlights for a great experience in solving all kinds of problems with shutters, windows, doors and other products of the aluminum and PVC. We are supported by extensive work experience collaborating with other companies specializing in the construction sector, individual and group insurance and property management. Always anticipating new trends and recycling the knowledge of our employees to keep up to date on all new methodologies and technologies that arise within the sector. Quality, product performance, finishes, textures, details and distinctive accessories ... are an essential part of our philosophy when it comes to satisfying our customers.

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Valores de IRCAIRCA is governed by values ​​that enable us to guarantee our services and give a quick and effective response to customers. The work of the people in our company is based on:



Trust us and you will always have your disposal qualified professionals willing to find solutions to requests to raise us. Ask for a quote.

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Instalación y Reparación de Carpintería de Aluminio. IRCA Gijón

C\ Benjamin Franklin 216 - P.I. Roces III
33212 Gijón (Asturias)
Telf.: 985 396 398
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